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  • What are your prices?
    Get a detailed estimate on your party here: Our general based priced is $60 per adult and $30 per child. For all parties we have a minimum. $600 (any combination of kids and adults that reaches the minimum) Kids price is between 5-12 years old. 13 and older is adult price. 4 and younger eats free! 1 protein and about 1/4 cup of rice. This price includes our professional chef preparing your meal and entertaining your guests and all the basic menu choices 2 proteins each (chicken, NY strip, Shrimp or Vegetarian options like Tofu) fried rice fresh veggies side salad signature sauces and pretty much unlimited sake! Extra Costs? Optional Upgrades: Filet Mignon $5 per person Lobster Tail $10 per person Travel Fee Extra travel fee (after the first free 20 miles than its $2 a mile) Tips Tips for the chef is not included in the base price If you want a close estimate on your party with your details click on the link below. The only way to get 100% accurate price is after booking but if you put in the right information this estimate should be very close.
  • Can I get a quote?
    Yes by all means! We have the general prices listed but if you want a closer quote for your party (amount of people, upgrades, possible travel fee) you can get a very close estimate with our automatic estimator. email: text/call: 929-320-5023
  • Do I need all my details before I book?
    No not all! We know it takes time to get the exact amount of people and what everyone will be ordering. We always recommend you book your party first so you can reserve the date. After you book you work with our reservations manager to get all the details. But you also have the option to cancel your party as long as you give us plenty of notice.
  • What is on the menu?
    Each guest gets: Choice of 2 Proteins Chicken NY Strip Steak Shrimp or Scallops Salmon Tofu or Vegetarian Options Upgrade Options: Filet Mignon $5 extra Lobster Tail $10 extra Each guest gets: Lots of Sake (21+) Fried Rice Fresh Cooked Vegetables Side Salad Signature Sauce
  • Do you offer table/chair party setup?
    We do not offer setup service for the parties. Similar companies that offer the setup service along with the Hibachi catering typically charge 2x3 times the price we charge. We would rather focus on what we are the best at which is preparing an amazing meal and a fun experience! Our chefs just need space for the grill setup so we can entertain you and your guests in almost any type of setup you choose. You should provide your tables, chairs, silverware, large plates, salad plates, drink cups and anything you want to drink besides sake (which we bring plenty of!)
  • How do you recommend I set up my tables and chairs?
    This is what we recommend. 1. Two 8' rectangular tables arranged in L shape, and can sit about 10 people 2. Three 6' rectangular arranged in U shape and, can sit between 12 and 15 people But hey, you don't even need tables and chairs if you are fine with standing. We are very flexible when it comes to party setup.
  • Can you recommend a company to do the party setup?
    As mentioned we do not personally have any involvement in your party setup (tables, chairs, place settings etc) but there are tons of great companies across Southern California that do a great job and can be found with a quick Google or Yelp search. For the LA/OC area we do know someone that is a fantastic party planner and can help you arrange any type of setup you want. You can tell her exactly what you need and she can work with you to make sure it all happens how you want. You can contact Roxy at: Call or Text: 818-378-5599 Email: Please note that there is no affiliation between Lets Hibachi and any party or event planners at this time and this is merely a suggestion.
  • Does the price cover any beverages?
    We bring all the sake! For any other drinks; water, beer etc.. your welcome to have it at your party.
  • Do I need to tip the chef?
    Gratuity goes directly to the chef and is greatly appreciated! Most of our guests tip at minimum similar to eating at restaurants 18% - 20%
  • Do you take credit cards?
    Unfortunately, we are cash only at the moment. If cash is not possible for you we do offer an alternative Venmo payment.
  • How long is the experience?
    Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes The chef cooks and entertains all the guests during that time.
  • What should I prepare for my party?
    1. Eating Utensils 2. Plates and salad bowls 3. Beverages of choice 4. Tables and Chairs 5. A clear area for our grill: 68.3" L x 27.5" W x 41.3" H
  • What if we have food allergens?
    Please leave us a note when you book, let the reservations manager know and also remind the chef when he arrives for your party.
  • Where do you service?
    We currently serve Los Angeles and Orange County and Denver Colorado In LA we are based in 91007 In Denver we are based in 80121 The first 20 miles of travel to your location is free. Every additional mile over 20 will be charged $2/mile For example: 35 miles = 35 miles - 20miles = 15m x $2 = $30 travel fee
  • Do you have reviews?
    Yes! We have done hundreds of parties with thousands of happy customers across the country! We are still new in Los Angeles and Denver but are quickly getting lots of 5 star reviews. Yelp Reviews California Google Reviews Houston Yelp Reviews Colorado
  • Can we do an indoor party? Or does the party have to be outside?
    Yes! We CAN do indoor parties! The majority of our parties are outdoors (usually backyards) but we can also do a party inside if there is no available outside space or the weather is not good. The food and the entertainment is nearly identical but our chef would just tone down some of the fire parts of the show, such as the height of the flame. We may also ask for some more ventilation options for inside parties but they are not usually a problem and our reservations manager can help you with the details after you book.
  • Can I see what a party experience looks like?
    Yes! We have hundreds of videos posted from happy customers online. The best place is probably Instagram to get a feel of what the experience is like. Let's Hibachi Instagram Let's Hibachi California Instagram
  • Are these parties good for kids?
    Yes 100% Our parties are fun for the whole family! From 8 to 80 we get everyone involved and make sure all your guests are engaged and happy. Our chefs are very talented and can also focus more in one direction if you would like. If you want a more hyped up adults only party or super family and kid friendly they can adjust accordingly. If you're looking for a specific theme (like its a kids party, or a bachelorette party) just let us know and our chefs will be fully prepared to give you more of that experience!
  • More Details on Kids Prices?
    The Kids price is for ages between 5-12 years old. 13 and older is adult price. Age 4 and under eats free! They get 1 protein and about 1/4 cup of rice.
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